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Today 4 years ago I was given sectional moderator. I just wanna say thanks to all the dudes out there who have helped me get there and to where I am today. It's been awesome and I can't wait for what's in store.


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Congrats on 4 years man
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i remember you got mod as 1 year member. i got sad.

gg tho
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It's like there's 2 meanings to this topic. I wonder what it could be

Gratz lad

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Well done on sticking around so long, one of the staff members I've had a few encounters with, I'm guessing you don't play Madden anymore lmao.

5.3 hype.
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Congrats, I don't really know you because I haven't been too active so I don't really remember anyone but ya.
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Thank you Cent for being an amazing staff member for such a long time, we all appreciate it.

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Thanks for yelling at me in the shoutbox, other than that you're pretty chill & good work on 4 years.
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I remember you being nodded for first time. Happy staffday
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Congratulations man.

Big milestone.
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