WWIIWW2 Duplication Glitch Xbox One?Posted:

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Hi guys, I've been trying to do the WW2 duplication glitch but somehow it's not sticking?
Help would be appreciated.

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I CAn help you out
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you arent spamming b fast enough
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How long have you been trying? It can take ages to work sometimes
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Doesn't work for me either.. I follow all directions to videos..
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Topic moved to the correct section.

Try some of these TUTs:


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Cheese69 wroteDoesn't work for me either.. I follow all directions to videos..

as famous as said, check the topis he's linked, Check mine first it's the top link mine's a guaranteed 100% chance working, unless you're a potato o.o follow it 100% do not do anything that it does not say to do and It'll work 100% of the time
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