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Hi All,

I recently reached my 7 Year milestone, but I have actually been on TTG for around 8 years.. Lurking the forums when they had a limit on how many pages you could view before being told to sign in. 14 year old me didn't fancy signing up at the time and i think the reason was I was scared to share my email info haha!

Its scary thinking about how time has flown so quick.

Unfortunately it seems as we get older we take a step back from playing games all night and running lobbies etc. I Jtagged my own Xbox 360 with support and help from members here and a few YouTube videos.....which is something I will always remember (running lobbies was so exciting at the time)

I wish I had the same time on my hands as I did back in 2009-2013, I also wish i could rewind time to still have loved ones around us which I am sure others can relate too as well.

I have enjoyed seeing the site develop as it has, but sadly its not the same... but it can never be.

We have members and staff who used to be so active and a part of the community who are no longer active or are banned from the site, also this site has taken a step away from modding which is understandable with new ban techniques from Microsoft and game developers, it makes it pointless to mod as you would probably end up forking out for a new console and gamer-tag which can be very costly!

Many thanks to all the Staff and anyone who has helped me out in any sort of way, its much appreciated.

P.s please feel free to share some early memories of TTG and what brought you to the site.

I hope you all have a great new year!


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I didn't remember the viewing on posts before signing in. But congrats on 7 years! Glad you've been faithful to ttg.
(Been here somewhere near that @-p3psi-)
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Holy crap on 7 years man. Your account is one a the few actives left that old!!
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Congrats on 7 years!
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Congrats dude that's a lot of dedication!
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Welcome to the 7 year club. It's good to see another 7 year member around TTG. See ya at th eigth.
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Congrats on the big 7
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Congrats Man Huge milestone
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Congrats on 7 years NGU. You are old.
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