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The NFL Playoffs are coming up and I am hosting a contest for it! Post your predictions for the following matchups and if you guess them correctly you earn rep! The playoff bracket can be found below!

Rep Prizes:

500 rep for picking the correct winner
500 rep for predicting the correct score (with winner)
Rep prizes will increase with every round of the playoffs

Playoff Bracket (Super Bowl)
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Tricks' Predictions:

New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Please only use this thread for predictions, leave the discussion in the sports forum.

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Rams vs. Falcons
Saints vs. Panthers
Chiefs vs. Titans
Jaguars vs. Bills
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Philadelphia Eagles vs. New England Patroits

My Prediction:

Score- 35-34

Updated from Championship to SuperBowl.

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Heres my predictions

Rams vs. Falcons
Saints vs. Panthers
Chiefs vs. Titans
Jaguars vs. Bills
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Rams 17 vs. Falcons 21
Saints 28 vs. Panthers 24
Chiefs 21 vs. Titans 17
Jaguars 14 vs. Bills 10
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Rams vs. Falcons
Saints vs. Panthers
Chiefs vs. Titans
Jaguars vs. Bills
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Winners I pick - CHIEFS!!, Jags, Rams and Saints.
I'm not good with predicting scores but if I get one of these winners right I get 200 rep <3.
Hopefully the Chiefs win. Cuz if they don't I'm gonna lose it.
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Chiefs 17- Titans 16
Rams 30 - Falcons 17
Bills 20 - Jaguars 17
Saints 31 - Panthers 20
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Here are my picks for this week.

Rams vs. Falcons
Saints vs. Panthers
Chiefs vs. Titans
Jaguars vs. Bills
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Rams vs. Falcons - Falcons
Saints vs. Panthers - Panthers
Chiefs vs. Titans - Chiefs
Jaguars vs. Bills - Jaguars

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