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The NFL Playoffs are coming up and I am hosting a contest for it! Post your predictions for the following matchups and if you guess them correctly you earn rep! The playoff bracket can be found below!

Rep Prizes:

500 rep for picking the correct winner
500 rep for predicting the correct score (with winner)
Rep prizes will increase with every round of the playoffs

Playoff Bracket (We are in the Championship Round)

Tricks' Predictions:

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Minnesota Vikings
New England Patriots vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Please only use this thread for predictions, leave the discussion in the sports forum.

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Rams vs. Falcons
Saints vs. Panthers
Chiefs vs. Titans
Jaguars vs. Bills
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Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New England Patroits

My Prediction:

Score- 35-34

Minnesota Vikings vs. Philadelphia Eagles

My Prediction:

Score: 21-14

Updated from Divisional to Conference.

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Heres my predictions

Rams vs. Falcons
Saints vs. Panthers
Chiefs vs. Titans
Jaguars vs. Bills
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Rams 17 vs. Falcons 21
Saints 28 vs. Panthers 24
Chiefs 21 vs. Titans 17
Jaguars 14 vs. Bills 10
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Rams vs. Falcons
Saints vs. Panthers
Chiefs vs. Titans
Jaguars vs. Bills
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Winners I pick - CHIEFS!!, Jags, Rams and Saints.
I'm not good with predicting scores but if I get one of these winners right I get 200 rep <3.
Hopefully the Chiefs win. Cuz if they don't I'm gonna lose it.
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Chiefs 17- Titans 16
Rams 30 - Falcons 17
Bills 20 - Jaguars 17
Saints 31 - Panthers 20
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Here are my picks for this week.

Rams vs. Falcons
Saints vs. Panthers
Chiefs vs. Titans
Jaguars vs. Bills
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Rams vs. Falcons - Falcons
Saints vs. Panthers - Panthers
Chiefs vs. Titans - Chiefs
Jaguars vs. Bills - Jaguars

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