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My youtube channel was originally always a gaming channel, but I've deleted all my gaming videos and am going to start to upload my bodybuilding journey in hopes to motivate and help others interested in fitness!

If you want to check out my transformation from 16-19 check it out:


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Pretty insane man
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Nice video man! What a great transformation. I started going to the gym but I never found the motivation to keep at it, I really wish I kept at it. I might start going again and see where it takes me. Keep the good work up and good luck with the competition!
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Thank you everyone. I'm going to be uploading lots of workouts and diet up to my competition.

The show is a NPC meaning it's a national level show, so when I win it I will get my pro card in the NPC... which will make me one of the youngest pros.

If you wanna follow my journey for motivation, diet, lifting routines, whatever hit me up with a sub!
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Some crazy ass props for the transformation man but them legs skinny asf.
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pretty crazy man

im interested in the diet for sure
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Thanks everybody. Just uploaded my Back and Bi's routine (only a few parts cuz the workout itself was 3 hours and I cba to edit all that lmao)

Tomorrow I got another workout coming and maybe some diet info if enough people want it.

Stay hungry guys!!
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Wish I was as motivated as you. Congrats of the competition coming up homie!
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Holy s**t you are a beast
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What a major transformation.

Thanks for the share and hopefully you can help others with their body goals.

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