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Hello guys im jake and i have started a you tube called JDLB and i need some feedback on my videos pls take a moment to tell me how to improve or what to post on there gaming wise..

Newest video -

Channel - My youtube
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Idk about anyone else but i thought it was entertaining
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Nessus such a beautiful planet, maybe my fav even.

Awesome video man, like it alot, i would say just keep posting on you-tube daily and keep active is the main secret to be successful.
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Try adding a intro and making ideas for each video that will make it fun content
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Look for your favorite Youtuber and see what they do. I thought it was cute and funny.

And try purring yourself out there such as sub4sub or giveaways and stuff like that.
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Nice video. You're still keeping active and you're also uploading videos on a range of games which is what I like and I think is good. Just continue what you're doing.
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