PUBGGlitch in Pubg that makes u win every time! With Proof!Posted:

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Hey guys. I play pubg for the xbox one. My brother the other day said he was playing a match and at the start screen when the count down for the plane he was running around and ended up far off the map and looking at water while it still counted down. I just got on today and figured hey lemme just go to the spot he did it at and bam something happened and i was looking at the water i thought oh snap its a coincidence. But next game i tried it again and it worked. U can do it in solo, Duo, even squads. U just spectate the water and it says ur alive but that ur all the way off the map and u cant die. U just wait until everyone els is dead and u win everytime. When i log into my computer ill show proof. Not 100% Sure yet if i should do the step by step and release this. Honestly dont know what to do with this. More proof on the way. [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

PROOF OF ME WINNING!!! [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

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Can you post a full video of you doing this?
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i would hbe intrested
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would be great if you'd show a whole video of where to stand, as doesn't really explain much that you!
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wow thats really cool im actually quite interested myself!
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Me too I'm quite interested myself.
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I'm very interested on how to do this!
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Can you explain where the spot is?
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I'm confused because the circle at the end no longer gets smaller, or does it force kill the other players?
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Pm me man. That's an awesome find!!
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