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Ok, so I'm planning on building a new PC. I'm using an Asus B150I Pro Gaming/WiFi/Aura motherboard. I need to know whether this will work with a 7th generation intel core i7, as the website doesn't state much. Anyone know if they are compatible?
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You most likely can use it however you would need to use a 6th Gen CPU to be able to update the BIOS to use a 7th Gen (Dependent on motherboard) - Best to wait for 13 to come by this post
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It's hard to tell. Usually if it doesn't explicitly state to be forward compatible it's a good rule of thumb to assume it isn't. Kaby Lake is really a refresh more than anything. IPC is nearly identical to Skylake and the main benefit you get with Kaby Lake is higher factory clocks. If you can afford it I'd just make the jump to Coffee Lake. CL i5s are basically i7s and you'll have a nice upgrade path for the future.
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Their support has CPU and RAM compatibility lists for all their motherboards.
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For future inquiries I use PC Partpicker It will show you everything that is compatible with the parts you pick out
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Yes. 6th and 7th gen CPUs are both LGA1151. Coffee Lake is LGA1151-2, and only works with Z370 motherboards(currently, H310, B360, and H370 will work also when they launch). Any 100 or 200 series Intel motherboard(H110, B150, B250, H170, H270, Z170, Z270) will support any 6th or 7th gen CPU. However, with the older 100 series motherboards(like the B150), you will need the BIOS to be more recent than Kaby Lake CPUs. So as long as the motherboard left the factory after 2016, or has been updated since the start of 2017, then it'll be absolutely fine.

You shouldn't be going with a B150 motherboard and Kaby Lake i7 for a new system anyway though.
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