ModdingNeed help with my eboots and sprx not working will pay!Posted:

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All correct files are goin into places

I'm trying to run menace on mw3 I've used their eboot and it still putting me on the very start screen and it's the same with bo2 and gta etc..

Eboot= usdir
Sprx into temp

Please help

Will pay
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You don't need to pay anyone use a different EBOOT, doesn't matter if it's a paid menu or free menu. I would use an EBOOT if a you've bought a mod menu for a game yourself. Use a mod menu EBOOT and .sprx change the name to what you're using now. Had the exact same problems with Black Genisys.
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WIth menace I have noticed that you need to have webman on

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make sure eboot is for BLUS or BLES
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I'd recommend just making your own EBOOT. It's not that hard and there is multiple tutorials on Youtube. Just make sure when it comes to it that you resign the eboot to work with either CEX or DEX depending on your setup.
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