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Got bored and can't sleep so as my mind does often, i fell into a very deep thought and I've been up all night long into the early morning just thinking about our purpose in life and what I personally have been thinking about during my 24 years of existing so far. Now if you have the same "problem or mindset that i have been having then i would love to know everybody's own thoughts and beliefs. Also if you don't feel the same then i would still like to know or try to understand your point of view on life itself.

I know this is a gaming/tech website but at the end of the day it's that very reason why i decided to post this.

I just wanna know how as a species did we get to this point in our existence, like for example, what started all of this? Are we just some form of life formed by an entity that has created this plane that we all exist on today just to help improve it's life or energy that has made us, like how we make computers and all the software/hardware that was built to help make our lives easier also? Are we all just part of some self-sustaining life form that has theoretically programmed what we are today to advance and improve life through trial and error? Does anyone feel like we are just this seemingly never-ending life cycle that improves but also fails just to figure out what went wrong and leave all of the info/history to the next dominant species that arrives so they will improve even better but at the same time also have failures.

Anyways i have been thinking a lot about this subject (aprrox. 3 1/2 hours) about and again would love to hear any feedback on what other people think about this subject. And trust me if you read this all the way through then we will have a great discussion for awhile about this. Sorry this is so long but I'm just typing whats on my mind just in case i forget and regret that i didn't at least get to talk to anyone else about it. Thank You! And happy Holidays to everyone.

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I honestly wonder what was it that gave us PERFECT capabilities, like 2 arms, legs, etc.

I swear we have to be in some sort of simulation or something, because the mere fact that there's 2 humans, one male and one female, both given the perfect capabilities to reproduce merely starting with a speck of a sperm cell entering an egg that generates itself into a FULL LIVING HUMAN in ONLY 9 months?

I truly feel like life itself is just a test, religiously or not, it's still a test to a ones self-worth.

It all simply comes down to Darwin. EVERYTHING is based on simple, social, ethical, UN-ethical DARWINISM.
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My beliefs are that there is no purpose and that everything just happened like a snowball effect.
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I'm not muslim but found this video couple of years ago, should watch it
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It's an hard topic. Believe me. Different purposes for everyone. It's just how you think of it. Me? Personally, I see no purpose. You're born then you die. Simple as that
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More than likely a simulation of alien tech.
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I believe we all define our own reasoning for why we are "existent" in this world. I do also share the belief that we all are supposed to help manifest a lifestyle that is safer for our next of kin. I however wish we could do away with the self dividing oppressive people that do not wish to make this world a better place. I'm talking about those individuals who love throwing their own pitty party because they feel they don't get enough attention by pointing fingers at other's. This whole "I'm entitled" thing needs to be done away with entirely. So that we can have a future, and imo that is the meaning of life.
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This may be a bit dark, but no meaning. Just a series of random events and evolution leading to this point. We create technology to make money, to make our lives easier, and to help the people that come later. Overall though, no purpose. No purpose on even continuing the species, but we do. No reason to gamble on lives that have yet to be. I'd be a monster if I could go into a casino and then bet on someone's life that isn't my own, but it is just what we basically do naturally as living beings. We gamble that our children will live happy lives, but we then will inevitably have children that lead tragic lives or lives where they also wish their children grow up and live a better life than they did. It is all based on this hope. And at the end of the day, for what? For our species to go extinct. For this universe to inevitably end and for it to be like this never existed in the first place. I'm all for about making the lives we have here now better and people happier, but I just can't accept the idea of continuing the cycle. It just isn't me. I can't accept the idea of gambling future lives on what we that existing people consider as happiness. With all of the suffering going on, with all of the depression and suicide, with the inevitable future life has in the universe, I just can't. There is no purpose. There is no meaning.
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just to enjoy it and have some fun thats my opinion others may disagree but to each their own
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What can we say when confronted by the vast meaninglessness and uselessness of our existence?
When we tilt our heads upwards and see the puppet strings wrapped around our every movement and thought, when we recognize that the universe is a play without a plot?

We can say that it will get better, that we will make a go of it on our own, that the future will be worthwhile, that we give our own lives meaning, that this project in which I am engaged is my meaning until its completion when my next project will begin. That God, my family, my country, my happiness are all my reason for being alive.
All the way through we repeat these mantras until we are confronted with the reality of our being fleshy puppets, decaying bodies with decaying minds draped over decaying bones.

We do this up until the day that we succumb to cancer, are walking to the shop when a car spins off the icy road and rips us in two, or when the aneurysm in our brain decides that it has waited long enough to burst.

This is the lesson the vast majority of people learn - either through an unequivocating quest for truth or through a fit of depression - and eventually repress.
Yet we all return to the stage and resume our positions, for the show must go on.

What else can we do, aside from opt out entirely? Say that a God made this all possible and that he loves us, cares about us, and that he will make it all better.
This we say, this we believe, come Hell or an inoperable brain tumour.

Everything the ego makes us do is in order to maximize its chances of survival, what greater threat to the survival of the ego could there be than the will to die of the mind it co-exists with?
The ego created the greatest system of false hope known to man for the purpose of keeping us as far away from the end of a self fashioned noose or the pointy end of a blade turned inward.

The idea that we are individuals, each with a purpose or the capacity for purpose, free will, and that we are important as a species.

Most people are guilty of believing this.
The only ones who are not guilty of this are no longer among us, or contemplate no longer being among us every day.

"The idea of death, the fear of it, haunts the human animal like nothing else; it is a mainspring of human activity--activity designed largely to avoid the fatality of death, to overcome it by denying in some way that it is the final destiny for man." - Ernest Becker, 1973
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