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The College Football Playoffs are upon us and we are hosting a contest for it! Post your predictions for the following matchups and if you guess them correctly you earn rep... YES, FREE REP!! The games that are being featured are the Allstate Sugar Bowl and the Rose Bowl game!

Rep Prizes:

1000 rep for picking the correct winner
1000 rep for predicting the correct score (with winner)
If you predicted the winner of the championship game before the championship round you will not be able to change your answer afterwards

Tricks' Predictions:
#3 Georgia vs. #4 Alabama

Please only use this thread for predictions, leave the discussion in the sports forum.

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I'll predict even though I can't receive rep.

Clemson vs Alabama - 34-21 Alabama

Georgia vs Oklahoma - 28-24 Georgia
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I don't watch any sports but uhhh

Clemson vs. Alabama - Clemson
Oklahoma vs. Georgia - Georgia
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I got Clemson beating Alabama 38 - 35

I got Oklahoma beating Georgia 42 - 28

Probably won't get any of them right, honestly just noticed this post. Will be fun to watch the games though and I guess I'll predict the championship game when the time comes.

Merry Christmas TTG

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Alabama over Clemson - 35 to 21

Oklahoma over Georgia - 42-14

National championship:

Alabama over Oklahoma - 28-14

Oklahoma keeps it close in the first half but Saban does what Saban does (Sacrifices Goats to Satan) and Alabama shows what happens when you stack a team of 5 stars and pair it with the best coaching in the sport.
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I'll have to go with clemson since I live in SC. And I'll go with Oklahoma beating georgia.
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Clemson over Bama 35-21

Georgia over Oklahoma 24-21

And finally Clemson over Georgia 42-35

F Bama
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Clemson; my team will win 42-21 over Bama
Oklahoma will beat Georgia 33-28

Clemson will beat Oklahoma 44-17
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Clemson is taking the All-State. (35-14)

Oklahoma is taking the RoseBowl (21-6)
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Alabama and Georgia
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