MusicCan anyone help my little brother out???Posted:

  • Winter 2017
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So i was wondering if anyone could just go check out my little brothers channel and

-Like and Subscribe [Would be great]
-Give him a view on some of his freestyles
-And comment anything he needs to work on

Honestly we made a deal [Personal deal] for me to put this up on this site but if you did any 3 of those things i will +Rep... Please it would be greatly appreciated

Here is his Link to his channel, he just started this channel so give him a chance

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Braun (12-13-2017)
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Subbed for the No Effort Remix. Hope he goes places.
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Watched and liked his videos! best of luck to him
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Would sound alot better if i didnt hear the engine of the car the whole time lol, get him a mic for Christmas?

But overall yeah i liked it.
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viewed and liked my dude
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  • E3 2017
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Quality of music is everything Tell him that
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I threw him a subscriber! Hope he goes places! I like it
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I subbed for you man
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hes really good man ill toss a sub and pass his youtube out to some buddies
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