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so the build that 13 did for me was great, i ordered a lot of my parts but my bank got suspicious and wouldnt let me order the last few things until i unlocked my account and when i finally unlocked it the video card wasnt there and i cant find it anywhere. So im looking for suggestions on a video card.

Im mainly going to be playing H1Z1, CSGO, Fortnite, PUBG and games like those if you need this information.

Heres a link to the build so you can see it!
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You can get any other rx 580 it does not need to that exact one.

You could get any of these

rx 580 1

rx 580 2
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4GB Asus Dual RX 580 for $255, or the 8GB variant for $280. The Sapphire Pulse for $295 or NITRO+ for $300 would also be decent options. Really nice 8GB cards and both have a nice backplate, whereas the Asus Dual does not come with a backplate. So, if you were going with an 8GB 580, I'd go with one of the Sapphire ones, or just save the $40 and get the 4GB Asus 580.
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