ModdingIVE BOUGHT AN RGH IN LATE 2017, bad idea?Posted:

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Hi , I bought an RGH recently (still not came yet) but I've been watching a few videos etc. On YouTube and basically peoples saying that the modding community is dead and all this stuff , also saying that basically all the cods are unplayable because of off host mods.
What's your opinions on it ??
Should I have bought it or not ?
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BO2 is really the only game where modding is high, along with MW2

BO1 and MW3 have god mode classes which are a bit of a pain.

Its also your decision if its a bad idea or not. I use my RGH a lot and still enjoy playing on it but I will admit it does get boring after a while would prefer to play legit a lot of the time

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Yeah mate like I used to have a JTAG back in the day but got red rings and it totally f***ked up but I've always wanting another RGH/JTAG again , but thanks for your opinion I guess I just ha e to see for myself if it's really worth it or not ?
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Id have to disagree with clingy about MW3 yes the god mode is bad but the game is completely infested with modders if you want to play SND or Infected I wish you the best of luck you have your wanna be best modders and then your ddosers and the list goes on.

OP yes I think you should have bought it making money wise no but for fun absolutely.
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Never a bad idea. I wouldnt say the modding community is "dead" persay I'd say its quiet but that's because you just need to know where to look
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I just play on my rgh for fun tbh
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If you bought it to start a mod service and make money then its a bad idea as the modding seen is dead asf, but if you bought it to just play for fun, then sure, great idea.
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You dont just have to use it for modding you may want to learn how t9 build menus so you can use sources or you may want to use emulators and play retros
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