MusicHave you heard of Travis Thompson?Posted:

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Saw this guy on YouTube a few months ago, been slapping ever since.
When I saw him/his face I was completely mind blown. He doesn't sounds how he looks to me.
He's from a town in Seattle mostly known around there. But this guy is gonna be big soon.

What're your thoughts on him? Here's a few of his songs and his performance on Jimmy Fallon with Mackelmore!

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Never heard of him! Definitely doesn't sound how he looks to me either. I like his voice
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Nope, never heard of him till just now, sounds alright I suppose, not really to excited about him to be honest.

Thank for the videos though mate.
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not until now but he is with other people i know of so he must be somewhat popular somewhere
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Never heard of him but ill toss him a view and give him a listen!
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