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So I'm a 19 year old currently working my first job that I've had since I finished school, working 45+ hours a week in central London.

For the first two years I enjoyed my job and was happy to get up at 6:00am and head off to work, but these last few months I've been thinking of a carrier change before it gets to late taking in to consideration I'm still only 19, but I feel like I'm being held back by the fact this is my first job, the pay is great (22k a year - I'm 19) plus my brother got me this job and I don't really want to let him down.

I've been considering applying for the British Army due to the Adventure and opportunities you get, but I just dont know if it's a stupid and wrong thing to do!

Just want to know what you guys would do and how you would go about doing it?
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Honestly the army is such a great way to go, I still consider joining the royal Marines for the adventure and hardcore training, it definitely something I would strongly think about doing
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You can't go wrong with serving your country. I myself am leaving in March to join the United States Marines. You get to travel, learn new aspects, and it's all just an adventure.
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Ive considered the army for the travel and experience but my girlfriend would leave me she says lmao

Cant handle the distance and stuff
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That's what I'm saying I don't really have any responsibilitys, it's just my current job that is blocking me
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if i were you, do whatever you think will make you have a better future
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If you want to serve your country, You go for it! Plus theres nothing wrong about applying for making your country proud
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Only you should be the one making the decision on what you want to do with your life. I don't want to be the one from an online forum telling you what you need to do with yourself. Especially when I'm not in any position to make a judgement, especially when it considers your circumstances (family, friends, partner?)

However I will add, a friend I know joined the Army Reserves and was deployed to Cyprus I believe. He said it was a great experience. TherWe've was no combat at any point, infact he told me the only aggressive situations he had to diffuse were things like disputesome over land and who owned what.

If you're not entirely sure on what part of the military to join, maybe have a look into the reserves. And remember, nothing is ever a stupid or wrong thing to do. You control of your own life, so do what you please. Do only what makes you happy!
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Follow your ambisions in lifeotherwise you may regret it
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The army life is amazing! Its life changing and there are plenty of opportunity's + your serving your country!
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