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Going to start my gifting spree tomorrow, so i thought why not host a little taster for you guys. I will pick one winner in 24 hours.

To enter my giveaway just tell me what your plans you have for Christmas day.

Click the link below to enter Greg's Community Giveaway I will be i will be gifting people that post within Gregs thread tomorrow!

Community Giveaway

Please only post once.

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My plans for Christmas Day are very very hectic, I am going to Tennessee to have Dinner/Christmas day with my dads part of the family, Then, the next day, I got to drive all the way to Minnesota, so I can start college up there. So I'm leaving everything, for college, I'm desperate give me gold pls, I live off of cup noodles. Luv you Mikey
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Spend some quality time with the family going round door 2 door to deliver my presents

And the best thing i wait for all day is my christmas dinner with a few drinks later on

Count me in bro would love to be gifted

Goodluck everyonr
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My plans for Christmas are wake up in the morning open presents with the family , then have my Christmas dinner with the family then get drunk later on at night with the family
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Well, it's not really a cheery Christmas time for my island but I'll probably wake up, open up whatever presents I get (I don't really ask for presents anymore) and just have a great time with my family. That's about it, good luck to everyone who participates.
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Plan is to enjoy the day with my family, open presents, eat some amazing food and hopefully watch some good NBA games.

Thanks for the opportunity man.

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Wake up, open presents with my fiance, go to her mom's house, then go go to my family's house, have dinner, then go to her dad's and get drunk, then black out and wake up and have no recollection of what happened on Christmas.
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I believe my christmas day will consist of opening presents in the morning, Then probably spending the majority of the day with my family as noobdy will be on xbox, Or it'll have been taken down (But family comes first anyways ) We have a few board games to play so i guess we'll be doing that in the morning/night, Then afternoon we'll probably have visitors (My older brother and sister dont live with us so yeah they come and visit christmas day) And then once all that fiasco and fun is over, Hopefully at around maybe 7 or 8 o clock, Go on Xbox with my friends and such ^_^

So yeah my christmas day is quite boring compared to alot of people, Guess i just dont like running around like a headless chicken on a day when everyone is supposed to be calm and relaxed

Anyways, You can count me in on the gold part, Good luck to everyone else!
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I'll wake up and work for 13 hours then come home have some food see my mum and brother for a bit and then go to sleep, working Christmas is poop but someone has to do it
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I'm going to be spending Christmas with my girl and her friends I think

Then going to christmas parties for my family most of the day
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