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so im looking to upgrade my pc. i just used this pc to search the web and simple stuff but for chrismas im looking to upgrade it.

Number Of USB 2.0 Ports 2
Operating System Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional 32 bit
Built-in Devices
Built-in Speakers N
Hard Drive Capacity 500GB
Memory Capacity (RAM) 4GB
Cache Memory 4MB
Optical Drive Type None
Accessories Included
Keyboard Included N
Mouse Included N
Display & Graphics
Screen Size (in) 0
Graphics Type Shared
Graphics Chipset Graphics
Key Information
Type Gaming PC
Manufacturer Warranty Period Not Known
Network & Communication
Modem N
Processor AMD A6 Dual-Core
Processor Model Number AMD A6 7400K Dual Core Processor 3.5Ghz with Radeon R5 Graphics
Processor Speed (MHz) 3.5
Processor Bus Speed (MHz)
Gigabyte F2A68HM-HD2 Motherboard

looking to get a new cpu and graphics card. i might get a geforce 1050 ti but i need a new cpu that will work with my pc

won't be hardcore gaming just simple like arma 3 and stuff like that.

if you can link stuff downbelow and they must be compatible with my pc.

and i upgraded the ram to 8gb also uk stores please

budget for cpu £100
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FM2+ was a failure from the beginning, you would be better off scrapping that and selling/buying new. Your best bet on FM2+ would be an Athlon X4 860K can find them for cheap on ebay.
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You shouldn''t really have bothered getting new RAM. £100 isn't much for a CPU upgrade since you should really be looking at a socket upgrade. Best possible upgrade with your current motherboard;

If you hadn't bought 8GB DDR3 RAM, you could manage to get a Pentium G4560 with 8GB RAM and an H110 motherboard.

Your best bet now IMO is to buy a used Haswell based system with your £100 and take the CPU and mobo from it for your system. Here's one that sold for your budget;
32GB RAM and a Xeon E3-1226 V3, which is a quad core Haswell based CPU, so it will perform basically on par with an i5-7400.

Also, here is an i5-4430 with motherboard and some other bits for £95;
The i5-4430 is a lower clocked Xeon E3-1226 V3.
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