What console do you guys play the most?

Xbox 360
8.00% (2 votes)
Xbox One
80.00% (20 votes)
Xbox One x
12.00% (3 votes)
0.00% (0 votes)
0.00% (0 votes)

Total Votes: 25

GeneralWhat Console Do You Play The Most?Posted:

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So i have a Xbox 360, RGH, Xbox One S PS3, PS4, PSP.

The one i play the most is the Xbox One S.

What console do you guys play the most?

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Xbox (12-10-2017)
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Just default Xbox one had it since one year after Xbox one came out
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ATM, I play Xbox 360 because I can't afford the new cod until we'll after new year so I've no games on xb1 to play on XD
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I only have the Xbox One and I play Runescape on the computer but most of the time, I'm on the Xbox One.
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i typically play the 360 but sometimes the one
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Usually and most of the time...X Box One X
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So I have a Xbox One, 360, PS3, PS4 and a Switch.

But at most I play with the Xbox One.
Especially for the last month where CoD WW2 was released
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Xbox one y'all know how I'm rocking
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I play xbox one the most
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