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So pretty much I got the Xbox one x some weeks ago and notice it was noticeably loud while playing games(discs) such as NBA 2K18 and Cod WW2, it literally sounds like a wind storm getting very loud and annoying. So pretty much I read around and heard it was supposed to be incredibly quiet. So I went and exchanged my Xbox one X for a new one, and it does the same exact thing. The loud wind sounds while playing and buzzing sounds too...I don't know if this is normal at this point? Anyone wanna help me out? It is louder than my original Xbox One I got on day one.....

The console itself has about 5 inches to its back and some on its that is not the problem.
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I don't have any discs to try but mine is super quiet. Though I'm still using a 1080p TV. I've heard when running 4K the fan can be louder when playing games.
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