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After hearing many great things about the site I've decided to join.

I want to just say that I will do my best to help around the community and if anyone ever needs any help/chat I'm here.

Hope to be seeing everyone around the forums.

Thank you!


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Welcome. Wow you bought gold right away!!
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welcome to the site

congrats on the gold is a good feature to continue be sure to stay active
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Welcome m8

Enjoy your time here.

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Saw you in the gold forums! Welcome to TTG hope to see you around more .
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Big welcome to TheTechGame

Hope to see you for many years sharing the lols

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Welcome to the site mate, hope to see you staying active around the forums
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Welcome to TTG! I hope to see you around the community, being active and having fun.
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Welcome to the website brother
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welcome! please read the rules and don't be naughty this Christmas!
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