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As the title says... guess the next persons os

I'll guess windows 7
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Shrug wroteAs the title says... guess the next persons os

I'll guess windows 7

Wrong Windows 10 user over here ^_^. Im gonna take a stab at windows 8
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Wrong, using Ubuntu at the moment.
Gonna go crazy and say the next user is also using Ubuntu.

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So I use more than one OS.

Nope :p

OS I use: Kali, Knoppix, WIN7, WIN10 and Mac OS.

I guess Win 10 :p
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I guess MAC OS
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Guessing Windows 10
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I use

Mac osx windows 7 and windows 10

I guess windows 2.1

Just kidding i guess windows 10
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You got it bud. I'll guess Windows 8.1
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I'm on my phone using Android nougat,
I'll guess windows 10
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Using my iphone
Imma say linux
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