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I used to charge 3 bitcoin to join my MW2 lobbies... I would generally make 50-100 bitcoin a day. Over the course of a year I made about 5,000 bitcoin and just cashed out my bitcoin. My net worth is over $60,00,000 and I just had to come on and thank everybody. Who would have thought hosting lobbies on MW2 would set me up for life haha. Anyways, thanks TTG!

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so are you trying to share?
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Can we stop posting about bitcoin. There is post like everyday about it lol.

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Too bad Bitcoin will be worth the same as dirt eventually.
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Can we see proof before you actually make a post like this?
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60m of network, LOLOLOLOLOL
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Would also love to see proof.

Also which country do you reside in?
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He wont provide proof cause he dont actually have 60m in bitcoin...
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Yeahhhhhhh..... For some odd reason i just don't believe this..
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I call bull crap lol
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