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I like this, nice work I like the theme behind this
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Women doesn't fit the image as you can see her cut out. Lighting again is off. you really need to remove the blur tool from your side bar as it is not needed. the lighting on the lamps is over powering.
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You need to work on your shadows, lighting and color
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Forgive me if i sound like a moron here as im not all that great with graphics, But i think the background works in contrast with the cut out woman, Which kind of makes it look unique and awesome
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as others have said you need to work on lighting, shadows and overall tone/colouring.

I would go about this by creating small studies that are focused on one area such as getting lighting correct, understanding lighting and how light sources would effect a subject in real life.

Watch tutorials, follow along if that is that helps and hammer that one area till you really understand it, then you should move onto the next study area such as image composition, proportions, blending or how to use texturing to enhance your work.

You also seem to have a habit of really degrading image quality as a part of your process, don't.
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I love the dark theme.


Keep up the good quality.

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Awesome stuff here mate, id rate this a easy 9/10.
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