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Hi I have an old lenovo thinkpad t410s and was wondering if it is possible to turn it into a desktop. I want to build a cheap gaming pc where I can play Fortnite for example. Can I use some of the laptop parts (i5 cpu or something) or is it not possible? If it is possible, which parts should I consider upgrade? Thanks
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No, it is not possible. At most, you could re-use the storage from the laptop.
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Not exactly, but to an extent you can. If the chip isn't soldered, and can be changed, find a matching chip for that specific motherboard. This is a stupid method of doing it but it can be done.

Find a cheap chip, if it works with the board congrats you have an upgrade.

The next part is where it gets stupid. You can use the pcie slot, which is a 1x, so it is worthless to do this, and throw a external GPU kit on it.

Other then that, no you can't do anything with this; best bet is to just scrap some old hardware on eBay.
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