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Well fellow TTG users I have recently reached a fairly big milestone here a couple weeks back but just now only really had time to make the thread due to it being a busy month with the family and at work.

This is a pretty neat milestone for me to reach here seeing how when I first joined the site all I wanted was the MVC badge because it seemed like an easy one to accomplish with the only requirement was posting in the news articles and not p2w.

Never did I think I would be sitting at five thousand news comments a few years later. I dont exactly remember which version of the site had to cool MVC and MVC+ badge but I always thought they looks so clean especially that plus version with the teal blue color

Anyways going to keep this one short until I hit 3k rep or 25,000 posts. Thanks to everyone that still talks to me on this site, I enjoy speaking to every single one of you!

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5k huge congrats man, way more than my posts all together
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This is so impressive man! Congratulations! I'm glad you've been able to balance everything, even with such a busy month
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Congratulations dude, keep it up and we'll see you at your next milestone!
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Gratz on the 5k mate, that is indeed some going. Keep up the spam my friend. <3
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Congrats on all the spam bro
Keep on going
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glad to see veteran members still gaining milestones, congrats Xbox

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Congrats on alll the spam Xbox
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Congrats on being a huge friggin' spammer, boo. You'll probably be at 25K by January since you spam so much.
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That is disgusting mate.
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