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Okay, so this is one I never ever expected to get, so I'm not entirely sure what to say. I guess here's some proof since I don't believe it myself lol'

Huge thanks to Sean, and everyone else who has ever helped me out or been nice to me on here. Too many people to list tbh, and I want to keep this short but I'm sure you know who y'all are.

Some quick stats of my time here, and then I'm outtie;

13,950 posts - still 13th top poster
1072 rep - getting close to 14k posts and 1.1k rep
5,339 useful posts, and 623 thanks.

Probably see you all soon at my 14k post milestone lol, so here's a meme before I go;


The Following 23 Users Say Thank You to 13 For This Useful Post:

Bribe (12-07-2017), internetthuggn (12-07-2017), Ashfull (12-05-2017), Daniel (12-05-2017), Tom (12-05-2017), Dylan (12-05-2017), Toastyasf (12-05-2017), SYREE (12-04-2017), assailin (12-04-2017), BLVK (12-04-2017), Nik (12-04-2017), Jay (12-04-2017), Allergies (12-04-2017), Mortar (12-04-2017), prodigy (12-04-2017), Vial (12-04-2017), Kyle (12-04-2017), Mikey (12-04-2017), Luke (12-04-2017), Xbox (12-04-2017), u0001f602 (12-04-2017), Maze (12-04-2017), Adam (12-04-2017)
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Good on you lad. Gratz and keep going in the PC sections. You are an asset to the site
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You deserve it dude, you're constantly helping people out.
I wouldn't have a new PC if it wasn't for you
Congratulations my man!
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Congratulations man! You deserve it with all the help you give in the PC sections! Cya at the next milestone
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congrats on this new badge, you obviously deserve it and keep it up man
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Grats on the badge mate.
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That's one of the most amazing badges on the site, congrats on being Rated Awesome.

RIP Lil' Peep.
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Congrats on being awesome.

This was out of the blue.

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Thats AWESOME mate grats on the most amazing badge on here
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i just got mine too welcome to the club man congrats
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