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Okay, so this is one I never ever expected to get, so I'm not entirely sure what to say. I guess here's some proof since I don't believe it myself lol'
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Huge thanks to Sean, and everyone else who has ever helped me out or been nice to me on here. Too many people to list tbh, and I want to keep this short but I'm sure you know who y'all are.

Some quick stats of my time here, and then I'm outtie;

13,950 posts - still 13th top poster
1072 rep - getting close to 14k posts and 1.1k rep
5,339 useful posts, and 623 thanks.

Probably see you all soon at my 14k post milestone lol, so here's a meme before I go;
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Bribe (12-07-2017), RVM (12-07-2017), Ashfull (12-05-2017), Daniel (12-05-2017), Tom (12-05-2017), Dusknoir (12-05-2017), Toastyasf (12-05-2017), SYRE (12-04-2017), fest (12-04-2017), Fujiwhara (12-04-2017), Nik (12-04-2017), Jay (12-04-2017), Allergies (12-04-2017), Mortar (12-04-2017), prodigy (12-04-2017), Vial (12-04-2017), Kyle (12-04-2017), Mikey (12-04-2017), Luke (12-04-2017), Xbox (12-04-2017), u0001f602 (12-04-2017), Maze (12-04-2017), Adam (12-04-2017)
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Good on you lad. Gratz and keep going in the PC sections. You are an asset to the site
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You deserve it dude, you're constantly helping people out.
I wouldn't have a new PC if it wasn't for you
Congratulations my man!
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Congratulations man! You deserve it with all the help you give in the PC sections! Cya at the next milestone
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congrats on this new badge, you obviously deserve it and keep it up man
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Grats on the badge mate.
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That's one of the most amazing badges on the site, congrats on being Rated Awesome.

RIP Lil' Peep.
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Congrats on being awesome.

This was out of the blue.

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Thats AWESOME mate grats on the most amazing badge on here
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i just got mine too welcome to the club man congrats
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