Jailbreak[help] iOS 9.2.1 won't jailbreak. iPad Mini 2Posted:

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Picked up an iPad 2 mini, the guy said it was on ios10 but its actually on on 9.2.1! I was glad and proceeded to Jailbreak it as I do on every iDevice I own.
I have been jailbreaking since the iPhone 3G and normally is a walk in the park! However, this darn device will not jailbreak!!

I have been using the new Pangu JB through Cydia impactor, The Pangu appwill load on my device and i will click jailbreak, it will say lock device so i do, i get the notification saying it was successful but it won't reboot. Going back into the app it says it was jailbroken but awaiting respring, which it never does! (Had to give up trying)

I then tried PPhelper to load PG client on my device, i done the install as normal through pphelper 5.0 and it loaded on my device. Once installing certificate ect I opened app and was greeted by the circle! I clicked it and locked device when it told me to, i got the notification but again, no reboot! I opened the app back up and it just had two boxes, they both lead to the chinese pirate appstore! It also had some chinese writing on the app too.
I am now stuck with the two boxes and no circle to click. What should I try now? I can't restore via iTunes as i want to stay on 9.2.1 and not have to upgrade.
Any ideas guys? I'm stumped.

Hopefully someone here with more knowledge on how to fix this
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