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IF a war between the US and NK starts, it wont be nuclear. Nuclear attacks are last-ditch efforts. NK does not have efficient capabilities, so even if they tried to launch a nuclear missile it would not impact before being destroyed. The US would not counter with a nuclear attack either.

It wont be like Afghanistan either. Afghanistan is the war on terror, not on a country, where the enemy doesn't wear a uniform. They're farmers that pop up with a rocket and then run away.

In my opinion, a war with North Korea would be more similarly related to the World Wars. Country vs Country... Military vs Military.


My (Army) unit is specifically training for Korean-like scenarios, so, who knows whats coming.
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Donnie Drumpf and Kimmie Jong weighs-a-ton need to stop with the threats to each other. DPRK has said it wouldn't disband the nuclear project. fair enough that's said. Donald Trump keeps bringing sanctions after sanctions to the DPRK which is pushing it the two countries to a war. Even with Kim Jong Un's threats against the U.S, that's not helping anything. Both countries want peace ( U.S boasts about being a peaceful country but in reality it's a bullshit lie. Same with the DPRK. ) Now, I'm in support of DPRK having missiles, that's just my opinion. But threatening a country ( Especially a Major country like the U.S ) is a really stupid idea.

But here's the thing, U.S thinks it can over power DPRK and the DPRK thinks they can over power the U.S / South Korea, but we truly won't know until war comes.. and I really hope it doesn't come down to that.

and yes, I agree with the Non-Nuclear war. But Trump / Un are very unpredictable :/ @Illustrated
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Can't see it turning into a war.. High tensions for now but will probably settle down soon
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Just a dick measuring contest between Donnie Trumpf and Kim Jon-Goon. I believe that nothing's going to happen.
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Reminds me of learning about the Cold War
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I don't think a war will happen tbh, can't see Korea being a threat with their leader
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AD4M wrote
Narstiee wroteChina have cut there oil supply.

No oil = no reason for america to invade lololol
No they haven't.

OP: These new military drills in the South will tell. Although America would ablitirate the North, the North still have massive fire power with over 8 million personal working within the military making it one of biggest forces in the world. Old fire power yes but they have the brains.

Time will tell, no one will know until it either happens or it doesn't.

IMO, send Putin in with their taskforce, he'll sort them out, much like they did the Taliban.

Not yet.

''China has unveiled its plans to restrict oil and other energy supplies to North Korea, as part of UN-led efforts to halt Pyongyang's nuclear and missile development.''
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I don't think Kim Jong un will do anything to mess his political role up in NK. China and Russia seem to have are back but then again Russia flew a nuke capable bomber close to the USS Ronald Regan. Plus if NK ever attacked us we have the iron comment mento which is South Korea, Japan,Guam,and Australia. Then we have NATO which is a lot of allies to name one the UK.
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