AdviceRyzen R7 1800X or Intel i7 8700K?Posted:

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I want to build a new computer in the coming months. But I am having a hard time choosing between these two CPU's. I only play a handful of games like PUBG, League, and Minecraft. I also rarely stream. My workload is light as well; Mainly consisting of coding and compiling projects that are only a few hundred MB.

Which one is overall better?
I currently have a i7 3770k.
Is it worth the upgrade or should I wait another year for Intel 9700K or Ryzen 2800X?
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Personally wouldn't bother as you don't stream and have a light workload unless you just want to spend money.

The 1800x would be a better choice if you ask me.
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Neither. 8700k is over priced right now, and the 1800x doesn''t make sense over the 1700(x) anyway. Your 3770k is more than adequate, I'd hold on to that for a litte longer and upgrade in another generation or 2. Hopefully by then, you should be able to get reasonably priced DDR4 RAM and an 8 core i7, or higher IPC Ryzen.
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