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This is by far the biggest milestone i have achieved on TheTechGame, I love helping out in the community as much as i can, and gifting gold helps not only members out that have not got gold, but also helps support the website. I was going to host an Xbox One X giveaway this Christmas, but i thought it would make more since to gift gold instead, as more people will benifit from it rather than just one person winning an xbox. But do look out for that Xbox One X giveaway next year as its something im going to be doing for sure. Yes i will be continuing in gifting gold till i get myself on the Overall Top Gifters Leader board. Maybe one day in the future when i get a job that pays better i will give Jay a run for his money and get to 1k gifts but till then im casj at 500 gifts.

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My Milestones i wish to achieve

Rated Awesome Very doubtful
Ninja Very doubtful
Mod Very very doubtful
3k Rep
Video King +
Video King Master
Tutorial King +
Tutorial Mater
Game Reviewer
Top 5 Posters

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The Following 28 Users Say Thank You to Mikey For This Useful Post:

-Ry (12-21-2017), wittycalf47 (12-11-2017), Nathan (12-10-2017), 2019 (12-10-2017), Mathew (12-08-2017), Petite (12-08-2017), RockstarGames (12-08-2017), Decy (12-05-2017), Nagisa (12-05-2017), uwu (12-04-2017), Ashfull (12-04-2017), Nik (12-04-2017), Allergies (12-04-2017), Jay (12-04-2017), Daniel (12-04-2017), Logic (12-04-2017), Kisses (12-04-2017), RepBandit (12-04-2017), Maze (12-04-2017), MrMw209 (12-03-2017), OG (12-03-2017), Fibril (12-03-2017), SYRE (12-03-2017), TastyCereal (12-03-2017), Xbox (12-03-2017), Snow (12-03-2017), 4MB (12-03-2017), Eww (12-03-2017)
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Mikey youre a living legend!!!!! congratz m8 you're our hero... have my babies
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WOW Mikey! Well done mate! Like I said on the post who's your favourite TTG member its got to be you by far! Congratulations mate
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Congratulations on Ultimate Gifter Buddy.

Thanks for giving back as much as you have to the community.

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Congratulations Mikey!
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:O congrats, and thanks for gifting me gold a few months ago
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Sheeet congrats Mikey! I'll never be able to achieve this unless I win the lotto
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Good stuff man. Congrats on the achievement.
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congrats on UG bro u deserve it
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Glad to be 1/400.
Congrats bro thank you for supporting TTG!
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