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I've been lurking this site for a couple of days now deciding if I should make a account or not, but I finally made one. Hipe to see you guys around.

Little bit about my self!
I like playing madden, fortnite, and seige.
I'm an Xbox 1 gamer.

I hope to see a you guys around the forums!

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Lily (12-04-2017), Xbox (12-03-2017), ACL_ (12-03-2017), Mikey (12-03-2017)
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Welcome to the site my man. Read the rules and I hope to see you around the forums! I see Mikey already gifted you gold. Lul.
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Hi mate welcome to the site, i have gifted you gold and gave you your very first badge.

Hope to see you active
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Welcome to the site
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Hi man welcome to the site!
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Yo, what's up man. Welcome to TTG, home of the modders, cheaters, and ban evaders

Drop by in the shoutbox for a live chat with some people that are on this site

Hope you Enjoy your stay
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Welcome bro, you got gold already stay active
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Welcome to ttg be sure to stick around join us in the soutbox
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welcome to the site pal
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