The US is running out of options to stop North KoreaPosted:

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Damn, I feel like if China and Russia did something all this could have been avoided long ago. + I kinda feel sorry for the North Koreans, they are the definition of brainwashed
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Simple one word answers no
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They left it too long. They can't invade now because then the US or South Korea will be attacked.
Economic sanctions don't work because Pyongyang doesn't care about the people living in the country. They work the citizens to provide food for the rich and then don't leave any for the poor.

Economic sanctions don't hurt Kim Jong Un, they hurt his slaves.
Diplomacy won't work because Kim Jong Un has everything he wants except to be left alone to run his botched, slave state on his own.

So all that's left to be done is absolutely nothing. Hope that he doesn't decide to attack the US and let him get on with running his abortion of a country.

Should have invaded decades ago, too late now, North Korea won.
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doubt this is going to be a serious issue for the us
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dipomacy should be te answer, but their so much you can do before somthing happens or they comet he table. China, and Russia make sense! Stop the military exercises, and te north will stop the nuclear program. Neither will stop.
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this wont be a serious issue for the US
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Still not really worried about them or their tubby little leader
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Nothings going to happen!
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