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Mine was it what was yours post them below
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For me probably IT or Construction.
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Mine was also IT and English Lit
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I was always good at History and writing essays.
I love learning about psychology in college.
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Gender studies
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Any type of math class is my best subject. Always been A+ at math. Never got a B in it
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XeReviver wroteAny type of math class is my best subject. Always been A+ at math. Never got a B in it

Wish I could be an A+ student in math lol. I'm more of an English person
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Industrial Technology which was more like a woodshop class.
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In School I liked the weekly PE sessions, but not the actual PE course I was taking. But things like ICT were dank when the teacher wasn't in.
In College, well the only subject I've done is the one I'm doing now, Games Development.
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Biology and chemistry
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