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So I'm looking to buy an RGH and I've been looking at sellers Sticky's and Non Stickys Sellers and have a question on why the price of them are so different I've seen a seller sell a jasper for $100 then another seller price them at $200 what could be the difference between them two?
(Not tryna Hate on them or anything just a question)
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They price them how they want to. It's like how gas stations work, they price them how they feel to not only compete with other gas stations prices, but also at a price to where they are not losing money. One person may value their experience and labor much higher than another person (while this does not mean the lower person is a bad seller) it's just their own views and prices. It varies everywhere and is all about the market and audience to which they are marketing to.
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Maybe some of the Jtags might have added extras

Such as power brick, HDMI, controller included etc.

Or simply because they are trusted and sell consoles on a daily basis where as some are just trying to get rid of theirs
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boot times idk lol i would make sure i see their wiring before to make sure their clean and all
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Down to quality probably. Although I know some have low prices are good quality of work, might be down to how little it costs them to make the RGHs

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Most seller's buy there consoles in bulk which allowes them to sell them pretty cheap
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Thanks for all the answers actually helped out a lot because I would read them and be confused cause I know some would sell just the console alone while others would sell it with a hdmi,power cable and hard drive
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Reason my prices are higher

10 years experience
Reliable tech support aslong as you own your console
My work and soldering is perfect. Mine include nand disk also
Ships to your house with in 7 to 10 days no waiting or wondering when it will be there updated with tracking and I keep in touch with you during while purchase and process of buying

Satisfied customer is my number #1 Goal. As you can see my shop has been here for almost 6 years now. I support the TTG Community when people have issues with there consoles or other sellers who have issues

Nothing but the best here product always in stock unless I am waiting for shipments to come in sometimes this time of year product takes longer to get to me
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