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At 10pm UK time I will be giving away 3 Gold's

1st anyone can enter just reply below
2nd funniest meme/joke ( I have dark humour)
3rd what have you done for the community

Thanks and rep are very much appreciated but NOT required!

Good luck to everyone you have 6 hours!

May the odds be ever in you favour

1st fl6nk (chosen via random number generator by moderator madz)

2nd -xample- ( meme he sent in pm is the funniest thing XD)

3rd Mikey ( always see this guy putting up super useful posts and gifting gold)

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count me in
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Awesome giveaway mate, ill enter for sure.
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Ill enter, thanks for this.
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Count me in I think I deserve gold because I provide a modding service for the community with high quality and reliable services.

Here is a dark meme (please don't click if you are easily offended)
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Would love to enter this mate, Thanks for the opportunity! <3
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I'll enter this thank you!!
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Ill enter thanks for the giveaway
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I'll enter, thanks for giveaway!
What have I done for the community?
I've done quite a few giveaways so far, and I try to help everyone I can
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