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well my 2nd twitter needed a new banner so i decided to play around again and i have this so far.

its really.... idek...

lmk what u guys think, im more than likely gonna go back and make it better later but itll do for now

(im also aware the text is off centered a bit)

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I think it looks really good man. Im assuming the text says "Flank" but it looks like the L is an e so instead all im seeing is "Feank" lol. But neat and clean work nonetheless
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Looks amazing mate, keep it up!
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That's honestly dope mate
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Looks awesome my man, looks better than mine by far
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Really like it I just personally find it a little hard to read however that might just be because I am on my phone currently
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I like it! but a few things the text kinda looks like its just floating and out of place maybe blend the text edges more with the background and that could help.
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