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  • Winter 2017
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Police Stories is a top-down shooter, where tactical elements, advanced enemy AI and random occurrences create thousands of unique situations in each level.

You're on the side of the law
You can't go in guns blazing. Surprise the perps and make them surrender. Keep a close eye on those who yield and don't forget to cuff them or you may get a bullet in your skull the moment you turn your back on them. Get the information you need out of them any way you can, but try not to push it too much - remember, you need them alive.
Rick Jones, your trusted partner
Keep your fellow operative close at all times and command him at crucial moments - this will drastically improve your chance of success. Rick has a wide array of special equipment: he can peek through doors or blast them open, blind enemies with a flashbang and much more.
It's never the same
Be careful - you will never know where the enemy will be and how he will react. It will make every playthrough feel different and provide a challenge every time you play.

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Not at all to keen on this game if im being honest.
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This sounds pretty cool tbh, might have to pick it up haha
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