Current decent headphones for casual gaming/music? +repPosted:

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What would you guys suggest? Budget around 60GBP, Thanks.
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id just use the stock apple earbuds lmao

i mean theyre cheap and reliable (to me atleast)

if your budget raises id get astros, comfy and reliable.
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Either Tritons or turtle beaches
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Turtle beach X12's there a good pair for both bro
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X12's are really good

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Turtle beaches are inexpensive and are realiable

I recommend the X 42's
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I have been using Razor Krakens for the last two years and i rate them very highly as ive gotten very good use out of them as they work for both my phone and PS4 . Good price too so i recommend them.
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Krakens, or the Logitech g430/930, would just buy a simple foam mic cover, and put it on to block out a lot of the air sound brought in.
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Razer Man O War for a lower budget but definitely Astro 850 for the higher budget.
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Cheap side, I'd get Triton's or Turtle Beaches,
Pricey Side, I'd get Astros.
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