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So this is my first giveaway of the winter, some lucky person will win gold this will happen once a week on a Friday for every week in December the winner will be picked on sunday morning, just post a comment below and I will pick someone at random good luck to everyone . rep and thanks are appreciated but are not needed to enter and once again good luck to all.

The Following 10 Users Say Thank You to oxo For This Useful Post:

Upside (12-02-2017), Allergies (12-01-2017), Mikey (12-01-2017), Aeroq (12-01-2017), C0IN (12-01-2017), MJV (12-01-2017), RepBandit (12-01-2017), Kisses (12-01-2017), King (12-01-2017), Ashfull (12-01-2017)
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1st to enter thanks for the chance
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Thanks for hosting for the community, Good luck to everyone! Enjoy some rep!
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I'll enter this cx

Thanks bro!
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Why not
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Thanks for doing this Oxo! Happy Holidays!
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Enter me into this
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Ill enter, thanks!
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I'm in the thanks the opportunity boss
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Count me in
Thanks alot!
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