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  • Summer Giveaway
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Hope everyone has a great month with festive joy. Haven't been on TTG for awhile and it's still such a great site.
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  • Vantage
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I don't know if you guys still want me to gift, as you don't get the badge when i gift you, I mean i'm fully down for gifting more people but I kinda feel bad after i gift you because you dont get the badge... so let me know if you dont mind
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Jay gave config the Gift of Gold. < 1 minute
Jay gave Impractical the Gift of Gold. 1 minute ago
Jay gave Rick the Gift of Gold. 1 minute ago
Jay gave JRK the Gift of Gold. 2 minutes ago
Jay gave BladedNarwhal the Gift of Gold. 3 minutes ago
Jay gave Ryuk the Gift of Gold. 3 minutes ago
Jay gave GrandExchange the Gift of Gold. 3 minutes ago
Jay gave WaImart the Gift of Gold. 4 minutes ago
Jay gave DjBirdFTW the Gift of Gold. 5 minutes ago

That's Jay at 900 gifts total
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  • 1K Rainmaker
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Happy Holidays to all
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  • Winter 2016
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All I want for Christmas is for someone to pay my rent, but hey, a gift of gold would be pretty cool too.
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  • Winter 2016
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Wow it's been pretty chilly outside. Take care everyone <3
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Christmas is in 2 weeks and i havent even went christmas shopping yet.......

uh oh

hope everyone has a great holiday season though!
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  • Christmas!
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Good Luck Everyone! Also would like to enter!
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Decy wroteThat time of year again Is it only me or has this year been extremely quick. Kinda scary tbh..

I'll never forget the year i first got an Xbox.. i was around 7-8 at the time and i only had 1 game with it. I played on it for at least an hour and i remember my little brother entering my room and i he saw it on the shelf and kept looking at it and pointing at it (baring in mind he was only 3) he got too close and pulled the console down and as you all know when you move a 360 console with a disc inside it ain't the best thing to do lol.. So i had a ringed disc and a new console which i couldn't play i guess you can say it was a somewhat eventful Christmas.

Also want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas & Good Luck!
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Saw this post on the first page and it reminded me when I first got my Xbox Original years ago, it came with Halo CE. One of the best and most memorable Christmas I will ever remember. Found my undying love for Halo and gaming back then and it was also the last Christmas I would get to spend with my grandfather.

Hope everyone has a very merry Christmas and a happy new year to all when it comes. Stay safe! <3
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  • Christmas!
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Fupas are almost as sexy as your mom, one time i said "yay" " I'm taking a poop." and she said well hello there dingle berry. I was born at a very young age.
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