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This beloved childhood film that I'm sure many of you have watched at least once or multiple times has a possible macabre happening during its time of production.

During the filming of this 1939 classic, a love story formed. The story is told that Judy Garland, the actor who played Dorthy became an attraction to one of the portrayed munchkins. Dorthy wasn't interested in the munchkin. It was later found out that the munchkin saw Dorty being flirtatious with another cast member. This did not sit well with the munchkin and caused him to commit suicide during the filming of one of the scenes. This scene was never edited out of the original screening but after the 50th anniversary of the film in 1989 it was revised and removed from the film. The original scene can still be found.

Here is the original scene

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Here is the edited version of the 1989 50th anniversary release

You can clearly see the edit. In the revised version it the hanging figure is masked by a bird or animal of some sort. But why? Many of the cast members later commented about the apparent suicide saying it was just a hoax and that it never happened. If this is true, why go through all the trouble to cover something up that apparently didn't happen? I would assume the reason for the edit is for the producers and editors of the film would want to remove anything that could negatively impact the film.

The information found in the post is from various sources but the post itself was originally written by me and not directly copy and pasted like some users do #mikey

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Good lord. That is indeed horrifying. I feel like my childhood got stabbed or something. Anyways, thanks for bringing this to light for me!
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So I did some more research and attempted to find the obit for the dead munchkin. I could not find it nor could I find the name of the actor that did it.

This is discouraging to the truthfulness of this conspiracy. It doesn't completely shut it out from being a possibility.

All in all, who knows. That's why its a conspiracy.
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bruhh wtf thats sus af.

definite spook for sure
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that is horrifying, i remember a show on TV talked about this and when i watched the movie i was looking for it to see if it was true
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I remember hearing about this, crazy stuff!
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My childhood Horrifying
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I agree with you, Sundown. Why would they go through the trouble of editing it? It makes no sense unless something truly horrible did happened on the set.

My vote goes to this is true.
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Wow i watched this movie a lot growing up and never new that
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I've heard it was the tin man that cometted suicide because he didn't get the role.
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