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What's up guys , need some help with my iPad needing repaired , I gave my iPad to my brother who is 4 years old , big big mistake as I received it back with the iPad being bent and the screen partly seperared from the body on the bottom side with the light shining on the surface underneath due to the separation .

I was absolutely Livid as it is a crucial device for school and daily use it still works but it's very bad , will I have to just buy a new on or would they do a repair / give me a replacement , I have no warranty

Thanks lads
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If the device is completely bent, there is no repairing that as it's not just the screen that's bent, it's the entire logic board as well. Trying to bend it back yourself is a bad idea as well since you risk snapping it or the logic board itself.
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my friend sat on his iphone and had to send it in to a local company to get the cracked lcd fixed and the bent taken out of it, it can b fixed though
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All in all, think you will need to be buying a new one all together. Even if you did have warranty it wouldn't be covered as it would be classed as accidental damage. If you had Apple Care you would have been alright, all of my apple products are covered by Apple Care for that little bit extra. Especially when you get 2 claims of accidentall damage on the product.
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Dont see the point in the repair mate, sounds broke asf lol, it will probably cost you more for the repair than it is to buy a new ipad lol.
This happened to me, i spilt water on my macbook, and they said 1k to fix it lol, so just bought a new one.
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