FootballSuper bowl predictions ?Posted:

  • Winter 2017
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Well as we all know I'm an eagles fan and there doing great this year ,

Jus got our win against the cowboys last night

Final score 39-7 eagles won

For the prediction

Super bowl will be Eagles Vs Patriots

Btw here's the eagles record >>>> 9-1
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  • E3 2017
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Saints vs Patriots
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Savitar wroteSaints vs Patriots

Yeah Saints over Eagles any day tbh
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if anything I think the Eagles winning the super bowl , would be a 75% just because the patriots ive already had a Super Bowl win . #GoEagles
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Would love to see the eagle go this year and win it
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I'm gonna say eagles and the chiefs.
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Panthers too win !!
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eagles vs the chiefs
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Hard to say who will be in the super bowl, I don't think the Eagles will make it. They will choke somewhere down the line.

My money would be on the Vikings, they're looking unstoppable. I would go with my seahawks but we have injuries that damaged us greatly.

Also rooting for the Jaguars, the come up is real.
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Falcons Vs Patriots again we need to come back & get our ring.
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