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im from the uk and i turned 17 a couple months ago i was wondering if it was easy or hard to pass your driving test/
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All depends who ya get on the day man yano they could be real nice or not
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Depends how good of a driver you are. Watch some youtube videos mate, and defo have a lesson before your test, will calm your nerves loads

Good luck
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Also depends on your skill level and how you learn. I'm a fairly quick learner and with, even though this sounds pretty sad, over 200 hours using a wheel, pedals and gear stick on ETS2, I found it pretty easy. I've found that people who don't really care about driving as a whole fail more often too. That said, I only noticed it around my friend group.

Just do your best, listen and try! I'm sure you'll smash it.
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Adam wrote I'm sure you'll smash it.

How's your Fiesta bro?
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super easy to pass in the US
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yes its easy, just use common sense
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You just got to make sure you stick with it, if you fail just book it straight up again, and keep doing this till you pass, it took me like 6 years to finally pass because i wasn't that focused on it.
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The Bay Area just gives everyone a license.
Pretty sure you don't even need eyes.
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It was very easy for me. Where I live the guy that does it with you is known to rarely pass a guy on their first attempt for some reason. But I managed. The most important thing is to make sure you do full stops and make it clear your looking in the mirrors. Would just recommend asking someone that has taken it there and see what happens. Good Luck!
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