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I am now a member of Team Vantage on Patreon!
Another badge to add to the collection, This is my 18th badge.

Keeping this short and sweet, See you at another milestone of mine!

The Following 4 Users Say Thank You to Daniel For This Useful Post:

Rodent_Modz (11-17-2017), Mikey (11-15-2017), Xbox (11-14-2017), Mediocre (11-14-2017)
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Congrats man!
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congrats on new badge, and being their supporter.
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Welcome to the Team lol congrats man
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Congrats on that vantage badge ,
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congrats on the new badge my man!
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  • Christmas!
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Congrats on the new badge bro
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Congrats on the badge, dude!

Looks great on you.

Hopefully one day Vantage gives us an update on their tool.

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Grats on the new badge nerd.

Not long before the big 10k.

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Nice to see another supporter mate
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