7.3 earthquke kills 450 peoplePosted:

  • E3 2017
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a 7.3 earthquake hits iran and iraq killing 450 and injuring 7000 people.

Source: msn.com/en-us/news/world/strong-e...ar-BBEU2og
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This is such a huge earthquake, praying for those family's!
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7.3 is huge compared to most in us, i will pray for their families
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That's devastating. Prayers out to the families affected from this.
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extremely sad, thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected
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Here are some charities currently working to help people affected by this:

International Red Cross
Relief International
Care International
Iran's Children Charity

If you can't donate yourself then pass the word on to someone who might be able to.

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Wow what a destruction of an earthquake !

Prayers for all the family's An loved ones lost
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Death toll is at 530 - 580 now.
430 death certificates have been issued but it's estimated that 100-150 more are buried in villages.
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Praying for the families that's one of the biggest earthquakes we have had in a while
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