TVAnyone been watching Stranger ThingsPosted:

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just started watching it and im on season 1 ep5 it's good but confusing.

just wanted to know if people have watched it already and there thoughts or just started.
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Yea but not really interesting , so I'll leave it at that !
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I have watched the whole series, its worth it and great!
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I just started watching about a week or two ago. Finished season 1, in the middle of season 2 now. SOOOO GOOOODDDDD.

First show I've been able to get into on Netflix
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probably never will, im more into comedy
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Not watched season 2 yet, need to recap the first season
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Oh yes I have both seasons! One of my favorite TV shows
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someone recently put me on to this show same time around the second season dropped on netflix, I'll just put it like this.. I WAS PISSED WHEN I FOUND OUT SEASON THREE IS A YEAR AWAY!
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Watched Both seasons of it.I prefer season 1 then 2.
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I just watched the entire show in a few days, great show tbh
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