Boosting[PS4] CTF Boosting..... Whole Game...Prestige in one game!Posted:

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We will be going by GAME....not each round

this means one person gets all 4 rounds on each team
2 open spots in the starting group

You can prestige in one game, not kidding

ill be doing it all night

drop your PSN below for an invite....if the lobby is full, i will put you on the waiting list and message you what spot on the waiting list you are to determine if you still want in....when your turn is up on the waiting list i will send you 3 invites to a party (one minute apart from each other) if you haven't joined 2 minutes after the invites, you will lose your turn and the next person will be contacted.

Thanks and Have a great night!
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Inv: Lzvy
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invite. down all night. psn: afghan_mamba

got good connection easy join.
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Will join immediately.
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