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The legend of Zelda wind waker is probably my favorite

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Favorite video game of all time hmm hard decision but im gonna go with MW2.
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My original favorite game from when I was younger was Call of Duty: Finest Hour

Played the crap out of the game on the PlayStation 2.

Now, my all time favorite is Modern Warfare 2. Loved that game when it came out, played it for hours on hours, and still play it to this day. Miss the good ol' days.
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Ace Combat Zero will forever be my all time favorite.
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When I was younger Rainbow Six 3

But as I got older Modern Warfare 2 had to be my favorite, although GTA V comes in close to a 3rd.
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If we're talking of all time then Modern Warfare 2 would be it for me.

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WW2 at the moment cx
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Definitely mw2 is the best
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mw2, bo2
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